My dad was a “10 pound pom”, immigrating to Melbourne from the UK with his parents in 1964. My grandparents were keen to assimilate into the Australian way of life and being in Melbourne they quickly picked up on the ritual of heading to the football on a Saturday Afternoon. Thankfully, Nanny loved the colour Navy Blue and they were quickly hooked into this new native game. They would head to Princes Park for the next 30 years.

Dad was lucky – he started supporting Carlton as an 11 year old in 1965. His three cousins chose to support the Saints.  Being one of the stronger teams at the time and quickly tasted success in 1966……but we all know what happened from there.

Dad’s youth was spent in Carlton’s golden era – the drought breaking win in 1968, the epic 1970, the underdog win in 1972, Harmsey in 1979, Back to Back glory in 81/82 and then the crushing win over the Hawthorn juggernaut in 1987.

Then I was born in 1988. Yes, there was 1995 but like my St. Kilda supporting cousins this was a bit of a blur – my Dad rightfully taught me that Carton won premierships and being a 7 year old I just expected to win every year…..

So this blog is here for me to share my last 30 years as BlueBagger, living through the toughest era in our history as we strive for number 17. A time when people of my age have heard all the stories  of their parents and had to watch from afar on the fringes of the new national AFL competition.

I hope to provide perspective and opinion on some of the niche aspects of both our recent history and current events that the mainstream media simply cannot provide in a crowded 18 team AFL landscape. I’m looking forward to engaging with other Baggers through this site as we look at the nuances of the Football Club we all love.


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